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24 - 28 February 17
Rio Carnival
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

News Event:
Rio de Janeiro is revving up to host its annual Carnival, one of the world's most colorful sun-drenched spectacles.

Thousands of people will enjoy the dance parades from the bleachers and VIP stands inside the Sambadrome, while millions around the world will watch the spectacle on television.

Live Pool Signal:
TV Globo will have 18 cameras showing the richness of the carnival. A clean signal will be available for broadcasters interested in airing the Carnival parade - for more information please contact

To aid your coverage, Global Media Services can offer a range of broadcast facilities, including:

* Exclusive live stand-up positions inside Rio's Sambadrome, at 'Apoteose' the end of the parade route.
* Live stand-up positions on Copacabana Beach.
* Multi-format playout facilities.
* International delivery via AP's satellite and fibre networks.

Booking/Enquiry Contacts
For all enquiries or bookings,
please contact:

Head Office: London
T: +44 (0)20 7482 7580/7590
F: +44 (0)20 7410 5000