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UN Feed (Refeed)
Tue - Sat: 02:45 - 02:55

UNifeed ( is a window into the United Nations and its work around the world. Prepared and assembled by the UN's television unit to highlight the work of the various agencies, such as UNICEF, UNESCO, WHO and others, the feed is available, free of charge, to all AP video clients.

UNifeed delivers to the world's broadcasters stories produced by several UN agencies and programmes. The 10-minute UNifeed transmission features professionally-shot stories and expert interviews on a variety of international issues, often featuring countries rarely visited by broadcast journalists. The stories focus on pressing international issues such as HIV/AIDS, conflict resolution, poverty and the environment and highlight efforts by the UN and its agencies to tackle them.

Scripts for this feed are available via the AP wire and via AP Advisories online.

If you require further detail regarding UNifeed, please contact the UN:

Tel: +1 212 963 7458

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