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earthTV's The World Live® (Subscribers only)
Daily: 23:55 - 00:00

LIVE Coverage from Worldwide Locations

Subscribe to earthTV's The World Live® for an amazing tour around the world in 90 seconds

earthTV has developed a sophisticated and highly reliable patented broadcast camera system and an efficient broadcasting environment that can deliver LIVE coverage from the world's best known locations. earthTV cameras are remote controlled from the broadcast center in Munich, Germany.

The World Live® shows you the Sydney Opera House, the Rialto Bridge in Venice, Niagara Falls, the Church of all Saints in Yekaterinburg, the Las Vegas Strip, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the City of London and Hong Kong Harbour, to name a few.

The World Live® in English is available to AP's broadcast video clients via AP's satellite network, the Global Video Wire (GVW) and updated every hour.

The World Live® may also be broadcast in a wide range of other languages. This is made possible by the earthTV Graphic Server, which is used to produce a customizable local language overlay in real-time, based on the original GVW feed.

The World Live® comes complete with weather data, local time, basic location information and current event updates.

earthTV also produces Motion Timelapse recordings with dramatic 360° panoramic angles. The audience observes dramatic weather changes, traffic movements or hordes of people rushing through 24 hours, condensed into an exciting programme of 30 to 60 seconds.

The World Live® and Motion Timelapse are available via AP's Global Video Wire (GVW) in 5 minute slots.

Broadcasters that use the service have found that is has boosted audience figures. Sponsors and advertisers have also shown great interest in being associated with beautiful and peaceful images from around the world in a news environment, which is usually dominated by disasters.

This is a subscription-only service and broadcasters interested in subscribing should contact:

earthTV network GmbH
Osterwaldstrasse 10
80805 München

T: +49 89 208 06 600
F: +49 89 208 06 606

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