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18 February 2016
AP cameraman wins RTS Television Journalism award
AP’s Mstyslav Chernov was named Camera Operator of the Year at the Royal Television Society's 2016 Television Journalism Awards in London Wednesday, 17 February 2016.

It was the second consecutive year of achievement for the video journalist, based in Ukraine, who was judged Young Talent of the Year at the 2015 RTS honours.

"Mysty is an exceptional talent. For a photographer who, two years ago, had barely picked up a video camera to be crowned as the RTS Camera Operator of the Year is extraordinary," said Sandy MacIntyre, AP vice president and director of global video news. "Last year, when he was awarded the RTS Young Talent of the Year, we were delighted. Tonight we are proud and honoured to see him rise to even greater heights."

Chernov joined AP as a freelancer in May 2014. He originally worked as a researcher in eastern Ukraine, using his background in photography to develop stories in his homeland before honing his video skills from other AP staffers in the country.

AP was nominated for three 2016 RTS awards in the Breaking News, Camera Operator of the Year and Young Talent of the Year categories.

The awards from the Royal Television Society recognise creative and excellent journalism by organisations that broadcast on a UK-based platform or create digital content from a UK production base.

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