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11 December 2015
AP Series: New Europeans - Damascus to Berlin; a Syrian Family's Escape

Germany New Europeans is the sixth and last in a series focusing on the path of a Syrian refugee family starting a new life in Europe - as the Habashieh family joins in the Christmas spirit of their neighbours in the German town of Zwickau.

Also available are the five stories that ran previously in the series on how the family and new arrivals are adjusting to life in Europe after escaping the war in Syria - and how Europe is adjusting to them.

Stories are available on AP Media Port and AP Video Hub immediately:

++Germany New Europeans 1 - Damascus to Berlin; a Syrian family’s escape / Berlin: 8, 9 September 2015 / Story #4015765

++ Germany New Europeans 2 - Syrian family travel in Germany, share fears / Heidenau, Dresden: 22 September 2015 / Story #4015764

++ Germany New Europeans 3 - Syrian family struggle to settle in German camp / Chemnitz: 16 September 2015 / Story #4015763

++ Germany New Europeans 4 - Syrian refugee family adjusting to German life / Heidenau, Pirna: 13 Oct 2015 / Story #4015762

++ Germany New Europeans 5 - New home for Syrian family in Germany / Zwickau: 10, 11 November 2015 / Story #4015766

++Germany New Europeans - Syrian refugee family embraces German Christmas / Zwickau - 8 December 2015 / Story #4015679

Stories will also be available via AP's satellite network, the Global Video Wire (GVW) - timings are TBC.

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