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19 April 2016
Only on AP: South Korea Tortured Children
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* South Korea / Tortured Children / Story #4032345

As South Korea prepares to host its second Olympics in 2018, hundreds of people are still fighting for justice for the way they were treated in the lead-up to the time when the country last hosted the games.

Thousands of people - the homeless, the drunk, but mainly children and the disabled - were rounded up off the streets of South Korea ahead of the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

The treatment of the so-called vagrants has come under question in the past, but an Associated Press investigation has revealed that the abuse carried out at Brothers Home, the largest of dozens of such facilities, was much more vicious and widespread than previously known, based on hundreds of exclusive documents and dozens of interviews with officials and former inmates.

Thousands of traumatised former inmates have still received no compensation, let alone public recognition or an apology.

The few who now speak out want a new investigation.

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