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10 March 2016
AP | Delivering the video you need

"2015 was the year the 'mobile and social age of news' truly arrived. So making sure AP moves fast to get it first and get it right was never more important. In a world that moves information and disinformation at warp speed; harnessing our own resources to clarify, explain and tell audiences not just what has happened but why they need to care is the value we add. That has meant more LIVE video content on more platforms than ever before – nothing explains faster or better than real-time video which transports the viewer to the action. It has meant we acquired and verified more user generated content – from video eye witnesses who had compelling first-hand accounts. And it has also seen us redouble our efforts to offer more distinctive, exclusive reporting - content you can only get from AP on stories that the world needs to hear from slave labour to climate change; terror to migration."

Sandy MacIntrye
VP and Director of Global Video News

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