29 May 2017
Netherlands: Water-Production System Powered by Solar Energy
A Dutch artist is hoping his prototype devices will one day provide a source of fresh water to arid parts of the world where sources are limited for drinking and growing crops. They are far from...
29 May 2017
US: Avocado the Fruit of the Moment in Restaurants and Cafes
Avocados are gaining in popularity worldwide, with the green fruit becoming a staple on restaurant and cafe menus. Whether it's on toast, pizza or smoothies, the avocado is in demand for its taste...
29 May 2017
UK: Learning Revolution for Retirees at University of the Third Age
Retired men and women in the UK are going back to university in a learning revolution that now has 385,000 members. The volunteer spirit of the University of the Third Age calls on its members'...
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