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Thursday, 23 March 2017
Classic British fine china and porcelain brand Wedgwood is banking big on the idea that consumers globally still want to buy into Brand Britain. The company has embarked on a sweeping revamp of its offerings, trying to bank on the young royals and heritage. The question is whether Wedgwood and other companies that bank on Cool Britannia will find their brands tarnished by the turmoil of Brexit.
Brussels: The German Marshall Fund's annual high-level meeting of North American and European political, corporate, and intellectual leaders to address pressing challenges currently facing both sides of the Atlantic.
Sofia: A preview ahead of Bulgaria's 26 March general elections. This is the third time in four years that Bulgarians choose who will represent them in the parliament. The campaign has been dominated by nationalist rhetoric and anti-immigrant, Eurosceptic sentiment in the EU's poorest member country.
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