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Sunday, 26 March 2017
UK: Experimenting with Gin that's Out of This World
Looking for a drink that's out of this world? A UK-based company has created a gin made from ingredients sent into near-space. 'Moonshot Gin' includes botanicals hoisted to over 24 kilometres above the Earth's surface, it also includes a few shavings of moon rock.
Russia: Underground in One of the World's Largest Gypsum Mines
Russia is home to one of the world's biggest gypsum mines, producing the mineral which has been vital to the building industry. While the way it is mined has changed over the years, gypsum remains an important component in the production of plaster.
US: Coconut Products Gaining Popularity Among US Shoppers
Retailers in the US are going 'coco' for coconut products - from oils and sugars, to syrups and sauces. While research shows coconut oil could have some health benefits, experts say it's best to use it in moderation, just like any other fat in your diet.
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