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Tuesday, 27 June 2017
US: World's Largest Space Telescope Set to Open Up New Frontiers
Could there be life on other planets? How do galaxies form? These are just two of the questions that scientists hope the James Webb Space Telescope is going to help us answer. The world's most powerful space telescope is being tested and prepared for launch in 2018.
UK: Rarely Seen Picasso Painting Set to be Auctioned in London
A never-before-seen at auction painting by Spanish artist Pablo Picasso is set to go under the hammer at Christie's auction house in London on Tuesday (27 June). It gives a valuable glimpse of the artist's young French muse, who is thought to have influenced the course of his art in an unprecedented manner.
Jordan: Amman 'Pay As You Like' Bookstore Saved by Crowd-Funding
An online crowd-funding campaign has saved a Jordanian bookstore-turned-local landmark that lets customers pay what they please. The Amman book shop was facing closure due to financial difficulties, but fans from around the world rallied and donated over $18,000 USD to save it.
Italy: Ancient Roman Forum Hosts New Contemporary Art Exhibition
A spaceship perched in an ancient Roman arcade and colourful banners hanging on a two-thousand-year-old wall. This is what happens when contemporary art meets ancient Rome.
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