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Sunday, 25 March 2012
UK: Businesses Prepare for Olympics Chaos - REPLAY
London businesses are preparing for the worst, fearing travel delays and supply chain disruption during the 2012 Olympics. One company has even installed Japanese-style sleep pods to insure staff are on site to do their job, whatever happens during the Games.
Italy: Clown Therapy Brings Laughter To Children's Hospital Wards
Clown therapy classes in the Italian Umbrian countryside are aimed at improving health care for children. Students at the first European Higher Education School for Clown Doctors and Gelotologists hope bringing laughter to hospital wards will promote speedier recovery.
Netherlands: Restaurants Challenges Perceptions of North Korea's Secretiveness
Pyongyang Restaurant in Amsterdam is western Europe's first North Korean restaurant. It's staffed by citizens of the isolated country and is an outpost of a culinary empire that has spread across Asia.
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