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CCTV News Content Coverage for 21 April 2017 - Free access for all broadcasters
AP distributes CCTV News Content on behalf of China Central Television (CCTV) - the material is free for all AP broadcast customers.

The video news packages provided to AP for distribution are provided and owned by CCTV News Content and are monitored closely every day. In order to protect your legal rights to continue using these videos for free in 2017, please contact CCTV News Content to apply for their 2017 licensing rights:

E: videos@newscontent.cctv.com
T: +86 10 8824 3831/+86 1821 050 3972

CCTV News Content provides broadcasters with unique video content from China. Clean, edit-friendly pictures of news reports produced by CCTV's newsgathering teams.

CCTV News Content will contain a combination of political, economic, social and cultural news, as well as news on sport and entertainment. Up to 60 percent of the content is produced in China and is focused on China. Additional content will be produced outside China by CCTV's overseas bureaux.

CCTV News Content is distributed daily via AP Media Port.

Expected coverage for 21 April 2017:

1. China-Belt and Road Summit Forum/Warm-up Reports
CCTV+ will release a series of warm-up reports on Belt and Road Summit Forum to be held on May 14-15 in Beijing.

2. China-Tianzhou-1/Aftermath
CCTV+ will follow up the development after the launch of cargo spacecraft Tianzhou-1.

3. China-Environmental Protection/Supervision
The Ministry of Environmental Protection will hold a news conference to introduce supervision over environmental law enforcement on April 20.

4. China-Intellectual Property Protection/Yiwu City
The international communication conference on protecting intellectual property rights will be held in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, on April 20.

5. USA-IMF Spring Annual Meeting/News Conference
World Bank Governor Kim Yong and International Monetary Fund (IMF) CEO Christine Lagarde will hold news conferences respectively on April 20.

All planned coverage is supplied by CCTV directly. If you have a question about CCTV News Content, please contact:

CCTV News Content
T: +86 10 6396 0094
E: service@newscontent.cctv.com
W: newscontent.cctv.com