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CCTV News Content Coverage for 21 March 2017 - Free access for all broadcasters
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Expected coverage for 21 March 2017:

1. China-Water Policy
The Ministry of Water Resources will hold a news conference at 10:00 , March 21, on the occasion of marking the World Water Day and China's Water Week. Officials will brief the media on the tasks of the ministry in introducing the River Chief Governor System and the deepening of the reform concerning water and water sources.

2. China-Diseases Control
The Ministry of Science and Technology will hold a news conference on the afternoon of March 21 to brief the media on the achievements China has made in the prevention and control of AIDS, viral hepatitis and other major communicable diseases.

3. South Korea-Park Geun-hye
South Korea's ex-president Park Geun-hye is scheduled to appear in court as a suspect on March 21 to subject to investigations.

4. Netherlands-General Election
The Netherlands is to announce the result of its general elections on March 21.

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