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Associated Press' text services provide fast and comprehensive coverage of all the top breaking news stories. No one can match the AP for the breadth and speed of its newsgathering.

With regional news desks operating round the clock the stories you need for your news are filed and updated by dedicated editorial teams. AP's newsgathering is fully integrated across all media and platforms, which guarantees extensive indepth coverage.

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What International Text services are available?

The Europe, Asia and Middle East News Services supply fast, accurate and relevant English language content for the day's top global news, sport, entertainment and lifestyle stories, tailored for the needs of customers in those regions.

Each service generates up to 6,000 stories per month, ranging from 130 word summaries to 1,500 word reports, with regular updates provided for all key stories, and with alerts and summaries filed for breaking news.

Our Arabic News Service also provides up to 100 items a day translated into Arabic, with a special focus on the Middle East.

AP's Asia Online, Europe Online and Middle East Online services provide region-specific English language news content in a web-ready format. Providing up to 150 stories per weekday, our regional online services are constantly following breaking and developing news stories to offer timely coverage for web and mobile audiences.

AP text services are delivered via a browser-based portal, AP Exchange, or as an AP WebFeed, which can be integrated with newsroom production systems.

What are the benefits
- News as it happens, delivered to your desktop.
- Dedicated regional newsgathering tailored to your local content needs.
- Complete 'one stop' coverage of all news categories including business, entertainment, sport, technology, and lifestyle features.
- The essential news from your country and region plus top international stories all updated around the clock.

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