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The APTN website will permanently close at 13:00 GMT on 28 June 2018. All your planning information is now available from Coverage Plan on AP Newsroom and AP Video Hub.
APTN.com closure
Please note, the APTN.com website will permanently close at 13.00 GMT on 28 June 2018.

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Technology is the world's first video news service dedicated to the ever-changing technological world.

Technology delivers a mixture of breaking video news and feature coverage on the latest innovations, hi-tech consumer goods, home and business computing, and Internet developments.

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What is Technology and why should I subscribe?

What does Technology cover?

How do AP inform and update customers?

How and when would I receive Technology?

I want to subscribe to Technology, who do I speak to?

What is Technology?

Technology delivers a mixture of breaking news and feature coverage on the latest developments in technology worldwide.

Technology provides two to three 'feature length' stories Monday to Thursday, with each story edited to a three to five-minute duration.

Technology stories are supplied with natural sound with supporting scripts and shotlists.

Why should I subscribe to Technology?

Technology is the world's first news service dedicated to the ever-changing world of technology - and covers the world's most important tech events and breakthroughs.
Technology covers major trade and consumer events around the globe, including:

- CES in the US and Asia
- Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
- E3 in LA, and IFA in Berlin
- Geneva and Frankfurt Motor Shows.

Technology provides year-round, spot-news and feature coverage of breakthroughs and developements in the fields of:

- Health and science
- Consumer technology
- Gaming and virtual reality
- Engineering and transport
- Energy and the environment
- The AP Customer Desk is staffed 24/7, offering you proactive and reactive support and editorial advice. The Customer Desk is contactable via T: +44 (0) 207 482 7600, E: customerdesk@ap.org, and via AP Instant Chat.

- Outlook Alerts, sent directly to your inbox daily, highlighting on-the-day coverage updates. Outlooks are also viewable online, via News Guide.
News delivery options include:

AP Media Port
AP Media Port is a file-based satellite delivery system. You can choose between automatically downloading all videos or selecting individual videos for output to your server.

AP Video Hub
AP Video Hub is a file-based online delivery platform, enabling you to download videos directly.

Scripts and shotlists are included.

All video is delivered as soon as it is ready.
If you have any further questions or want to subscribe, Contact Us and select your country (via the drop-down) to locate your local sales contact.

Alternatively, complete the Trial Enquiry Form and we will respond to you directly.

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