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Graphics Bank

What is GraphicsBank?
GraphicsBank is a graphics service for on-air broadcasts and websites. GraphicsBank offers an extraordinary variety of visuals for today's breaking news and tomorrow's features – from completed images to individual elements – ensuring you will find what you need to tell the story on any subject. Use partial elements as a toolkit for creating your own graphics, or drop finished versions directly into your broadcast or website.

With GraphicsBank, you never have to scour the web for usable images, and you don't have to worry about copyright clearance.

Access all this content via a password-protected website where you can browse previews and download only the images you want.

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What content is included?
- Includes headshots of newsmakers from around the world, flags, maps, corporate and sports team logos, skylines and landmarks.
- Also includes generic images such as aircraft, buildings, animals, cars and more.
- Cut-out images include pre-built mattes.
- PSD/PNG formatted images.
- Wide screen images for HD broadcasting.
- Static and animated elements.

What are the benefits?
- Save time with new PSD and PNG formatted images.
- Increase your productivity by finding the right graphics you need quickly and easily.
- Easily manage your graphics budget with a more flexible pooling of images.
- Create graphics appropriate for different platforms by accessing images available in several resolutions, from high-def to low-res.
- Carry the high standard of quality you expect throughout your project by using images created by AP’s professional graphics staff.

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