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Movies Now caters for cinema-goers looking for a film recommendation; through to movie buffs with an appetite for all the news and facts.

Movies Now is available as a fortnightly programme offering up-to-the-minute ready-to-air movie-related stories, while Movies Now Weekly is offered as a shorter version containing the top three movie stories of the week.

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What is Movies Now and why should I subscribe?

What does Movies Now cover?

How and when would I receive Movies Now?

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What is Movies Now?

Movies Now is a fortnightly package of 10 x 3-minute ready-to-air movie-related stories. Movies Now Weekly is a 12-minute package containing 3 of the top movie stories of the week.

Both packages are produced in-house, and are based on AP Entertainment's movie coverage.

Each story is voiced and accompanied by a script.

Why should I subscribe to Movies Now?

The format is proven to be especially useful as filler material for a movie or entertainment-focused channel.
Movies Now and Movies Now Weekly cover all the latest worldwide movie releases, as well as stories from all the major international film festivals, including Berlin, Cannes, Toronto, and Venice.

We feature trailers of upcoming major releases, and for new releases we will typically cover the premiere, as well as providing separate sit-down interviews with the stars, all illustrated with relevant movie clips.

Release dates obviously vary from territory to territory but wherever possible we focus on the US release of a movie, to give all our clients the maximum possible lead time for their own coverage.
Movies Now and Movies Now Weekly are available in High Definition (HD) or Standard Definition (SD), and are delivered via FTP with seprate voice-tracks and scripts.
If you are interested in a subscription or would like to ask further questions about Movies Now or Movies Now Weekly, please Contact Us.

Alternatively, complete the Trial Enquiry Form and we will respond to you directly.
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