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What is Global Headline and Summary Streams?
Global Headlines and Summary Streams are fast, comprehensive and concise, delivering the news you need, when you need it.

Drawing on The Associated Press' global news resources, Global Headline and Summary
Streams are designed to be the fastest general news alert on the market.

Breaking news headlines are reported on a real time basis, followed by a summary of all key news,
business, sport, lifestyle and entertainment stories.

The streams provide regionally focussed breaking news and summaries around the clock, seven days a week, designed to meet the real-time news needs and demanding deadlines of your broadcast, print and digital media platforms.

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- AP Global Headlines and Summary Streams provide 94-character headlines and 130 word-long summaries on breaking news and top stories of the day from around the world.
- Average delivery of 300 headlines and 300 summaries a day on a mixture of topics including news and current affairs, business, entertainment, lifestyle and sport.
- Headlines are filed first, and then followed quickly by summaries of about 130 words. These are refreshed constantly as stories develop.
- Regional editors ensure the main focus of the service moves through time zones, corresponding to the working day of that region, starting in Asia, then to Europe and finally to North America.
- Flexible product offering, available as either AP Global Headlines, or AP Global Summaries, or both.
- Headlines and summaries are written in a clear and simple fashion, stressing what has happened and giving the key details as quickly as possible.
- Each new development of a major story is treated as a new story, able to stand alone without any need to refer back to any earlier version.
- All items are written in the English language and include regular updates.

Delivery Options
AP Exchange is a browser-based content portal (, allowing you to access AP content anywhere, anytime via an internet connection. With AP Exchange you can easily browse all content from the previous two weeks or create saved searches and alerts to find specific and important stories.

AP WebFeeds integrates with your newsroom content management system and allows complete flexibility and autonomy over how content is handled, including the use of saved searches

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