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Associated Press' text services provide fast and comprehensive coverage of all the top breaking news stories. AP's full national and international coverage from the print wires, DataStream may be the solution you need.

AP offers three DataStream services -

DataStream A - World, national, US state, business, entertainment and sports text news.
DataStream S - American professional sports text stories and stats.
DataStream F - American economy financial and business text service.

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DataStream A
DataStream A is The Associated Press’ premier American newspaper service, delivering the entire report of world, national, US state, business, entertainment and sports news. These include broader, deeper stories on a range of subjects of particular interest to US readers from AP’s Enterprise Department and other AP news units — including profiles, investigative pieces and indepth stories on topics such as religion, science, or medicine.

DataStream A gives international clients up-to-the-minute detailed coverage of the United States.

DataStream S
DataStream S provides coverage of American professional sports for American audiences, plus every NCAA Division I school, including game stories and stats summaries.

DataStream S is an essential resource for international clients wanting the best coverage of American sports.

DataStream F
DataStream F is the financial and business text service designed for American newspapers, providing indepth coverage of the American economy with particular emphasis on government decisions involving the economy, economic trends and figures and major company news.

It also offers regular features and columns on various aspects of the economy, as well as covering highlights of the international economy with emphasis on the impact on the United States.

DataStream F is invaluable for international clients seeking excellent, detailed coverage of the world's largest economy.

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