APTN.com closure
The APTN website will permanently close at 13:00 GMT on 28 June 2018. All your planning information is now available from Coverage Plan on AP Newsroom and AP Video Hub.
APTN.com closure
Please note, the APTN.com website will permanently close at 13.00 GMT on 28 June 2018.

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SNTV is the world’s leading sports video news agency.

We can offer our clients extended rights on all our SNTV's own material beyond the initial 14-day usage. Our leading sports news archive contains coverage from 1996 to the present day and is updated daily.

Hours of sporting footage are added everyday with extensive coverage from SNTV's global network of passionate and experienced crews and producers.

The archive includes features on major sporting events including the World Cup, Olympics, F1, Tour de France as well as minor and unusual sports. It also includes profiles and interviews with all the major sporting personalities during many of their most controversial periods, including Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Oscar Pistorius and all the athletes that make the front and back pages.

Take a look at some archive footage from years past!

As well as footage from SNTV, AP Archive represents footage from some of the most extensive moving image collections, from all over the world.

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