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The APTN website will permanently close at 13:00 GMT on 28 June 2018. All your planning information is now available from Coverage Plan on AP Newsroom and AP Video Hub.
APTN.com closure
Please note, the APTN.com website will permanently close at 13.00 GMT on 28 June 2018.

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SNTV Digital is our product aimed at online platforms and publishers; who would like the latest sports news on web, tablet, mobile or connected TV.

Here at SNTV, we understand that when it comes to sports, there can be no compromise on quality. Delivering all the latest news and digital highlights in HD standard, we provide an unrivalled digital experience across all sports, distributed in the shortest turnaround time possible, featuring the best and broadest content.

    - Tailored sports packages to suit all needs: Football / All Sports / Key Events.
    - Unique blend of technical delivery options: Self-Select / FTP /MRSS / embeddable player.
    - SNTV Raw (unedited) content or SNTV Ready (professionally edited) clips available, with or without voice-over.
    - We produce 13,600+ digital video clips per year.
    - SNTV content breakdown: 45% SNTV’s Own news coverage, 55% SNTV Highlights.
    - Increased Premier League coverage – now 1500+ stories/ season.
    - Crews to all the women’s golfing majors.
    - SNTV is the only agency to have no NBA time embargo on all highlights, including the playoffs.
    - The essential guide for sports fans everywhere, SNTV understands the viewers' passion for sports and delivers the best on offer.

SNTV Content

SNTV Own: (45% of SNTV’s output) including previews, interviews, press conferences, reaction and fan colour. SNTV’s Own clips are sourced and produced by our experienced and passionate sports journalists straight to your newsroom. This gives you the most reliable and trustworthy source of high quality content. SNTV produced over 16,500 news stories last year, cleared for multi-platform use.

SNTV Highlights: SNTV offers you action highlights from all the major sporting events including football, golf, tennis and many more. Our global reputation and longstanding relationships with major key rights holders in sport; means that we have unparalleled access to highlights from over 200 rights.

SNTV Ready: SNTV’s curated consumer-ready content facilitates an easy integration into your digital workflow.

All content is available on AP Video Hub, SNTV’s dedicated delivery platform.

    - 60-90 second clips.
    - Professionally edited.
    - 24/7 support desk available.
    - ~37 unique stories per day.
    - Easy integration into your workflow.
    - Available in either ambient version or voiced in either English. French or Mandarin.

Methods of delivery by FTP download, FTP push and embeddable player are also available.

Grow your digital audience
Quicker delivery of content enables a faster turnaround for our clients allowing easier editing into the formats you need for your audiences. This allows our clients to attract more visitors with the ability to offer timelier video updates and increase 'stickiness', online audiences are more likely to remain on your digital channel if you offer up-to-date and /engaging content.

For immediate access to our unrivalled sports coverage, register for a no-obligation trial.

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